We're 3 doctorate-holding, world-traveling, crazy good chefs who LOVE music, food, and community. We're from 3 different continents, and we met each other at different stages of our careers. None of us were really satisfied with our performing careers; we were bored with the traditional repertoire and noticed that our audiences were zoning out during our performances. It was time to do something different! We were on a mission to create performance experiences that were FUN, engaging, different, and got the community involved. But it didn't end there! Not only were we going to play classical music, but we were also going to play pop music, world music, and incorporate video, dancers, and electronics in our performances.

What's with the name?

When brainstorming a name, we wanted it to represent what we're all about: diversity, inclusion, accessible music, FUN music, audience interaction, using electronics and video to heighten performance, world cultures, various genres, wildly different audiences, etc. We wanted our name to show how music brings people together and that a concert experience with us is social. We all like to cook a lot and noticed the parallel between cooking for friends and playing music; they both bring people together and people usually hang out a lot around the kitchen sink. 


Then it hit us like a ton of bricks. That old saying: "honey, did you pack everything but the kitchen sink?" Meaning you include lots of different things in one occasion. That's what we do! Lots of different music for lots of different people in lots of different ways. Katherine exclaimed in her southern drawl, "well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! We've got it." We tweaked the spelling of "sink" to reflect our chamber music nature, and that was it!


Interestingly, the saying was first "everything but the kitchen stove." It was first seen in the Jeffersonville National Democraft in 1894!

Katherine Emeneth



"The Organized One"


Katherine handles a lot of the ensemble's organization.  From website to social media, email to rehearsal schedules, K's the one with all the spreadsheets and "menus."  Her favorite food is sushi and favorite music to listen to is Beethoven piano sonatas and salsa.


Dr. Katherine Emeneth is an enthusiastic performer, collaborator, clinician, pedagogue, and teacher with a passion for outreach and sharing music with new audiences. 

Katherine Emeneth’s professional performances include both solo and ensemble appearances with the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, Washington-Idaho Symphony Orchestra, Gwinnett Ballet Orchestra, Puget Sound Symphony, University of Washington Baroque Orchestra, Augusta Symphony Orchestra, Conservatorio d’Alessandria Chamber Orchestra, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, and the Bay View Music Festival Orchestra among others. In 2015 she competed in the Gheorghe Dima International Music Competition in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  As one of two Americans selected for the finals of this competition, she competed with some of the world’s top flutists.  She has also been a finalist or prize winner in the Atlanta Flute Club’s Young Artist Competition, the Philadelphia Flute Society’s Young Artist Competition, the Byron Hester Young Artist Competition, and the Domey/Gillespie Young Artist Competition.  Most recently, Katherine Emeneth completed a performing tour in Germany where she performed cross-disciplinary recitals of solo flute repertoire in ancient churches of small villages. 


Katherine Emeneth’s expertise and enthusiasm for rigorous flute pedagogy balances with a style that is engaging and encompassing the whole person. In her studio she creates individual curriculum, organizes studio events that range from guest artist masterclasses to student recitals at local retirement homes, prepares students for local and national flute competitions, designs unique project-based learning for music history, theory, and listening, and provides learning enrichment through authorship of a studio blog. 


Katherine Emeneth is a co-founder of a new chamber ensemble called The Kitchen Sync.  This ensemble focuses on the hybrid arts and cross-discipline collaborations, specifically chamber music and culinary arts, storytelling, science, world cultures, and technology.  The ensemble presents concerts capturing a variety of musical styles from Bach to Hip Hop and incorporates local storytellers, digital artists, opera singers, chefs, and scientists.  A strong emphasis of the Kitchen Sync’s mission is to bring unique musical and educational performances to the community.


As a dedicated educator, Katherine Emeneth is a co-founder of the Flutissimo! Summer Flute Workshop at the University of Georgia.  She has also created Seattle SummerFlute, a summer workshop for young flute students in Seattle. Katherine has presented workshops at the National Flute Association, Kentucky Flute Festival, Seattle Flute Society, and at colleges and universities. Her workshops on the “The Entrepreneurial Flutist” are the most sought after.  She currently serves at the Membership Committee Chair of the National Flute Association. 


Katherine Emeneth has served on the faculty of the University of Washington.  She currently teaches at Georgia Gwinnett College where she was the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award.  Katherine Emeneth holds degrees from the University of Georgia and the University of Washington.


Cathy Kilroe-Smith



"The Gypsy"

Cathy is in charge of the spice.  Literally.  She loves cooking with spices and is the most widely-traveled of us all.  She has lived in 4 continents!  She has a passion for world music and is in charge of our grant-writing.  Her favorite food is anything with curry or fusion foods.  She also like music that fuses different styles, especially if it's Balkan or African. Her most recent favorite group is the Bombshelter Beast but loves anything with a gypsy element. Classically, her favorite composers are Rachmaninov, Brahms, and Bach.


Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Catherine Kilroe-Smith studied at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where she completed a Bachelors Degree in Music. Dr. Kilroe-Smith also holds graduate degrees from the Hochschule Fuer Musik “Carl Maria von Weber” (Konzertexsamen) in Dresden, Germany and the University of Georgia (M.M, D.M.A.) in Athens, USA.


Dr. Kilroe-Smith has appeared as a soloist with the East Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra in South Africa. She has given recitals in South Africa, Germany, and the United States and maintains an active performance schedule. She has participated in master-classes with Stefan Jezierski, Allen Spanjer, Jean-Francois Taillard, Fergus McWilliam, Eli Epstein and Rik Vercruysse. Her primary teachers have been Peter Damm, Richard Deane, Jean Martin-Williams, Sean Kierman, and Eric Albertyn. Kilroe-Smith has played with the East Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kwazulu Natal Orchestra and the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and currently performs with the Macon Pops and the Gwinnett Ballet Orchestra. As a chamber musician, she was a member of the Bulldog Brass Society Quintet under the direction of Fred Mills and the Georgia Brass Ensemble who performed with a variety of guest artists including Joe Alessi, the Basel Brass, the Belgian Brass, and Bobby Shew. She is currently a member of The Kitchen Sync, a flute, horn, and piano trio.


As a scholar, she has presented her research at the International Council for Traditional Music in Vienna, Austria, the International Horn Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa and she was invited to present at the International CMS Conference in Croatia. She has also been published in the International Horn Society's journal called The Horn Call. Her research interests include Balkan Brass Music, African Music, and Intercultural Contexts in Music. In 2013, her music appreciation textbook, “Musical Journeys” (ISBN: 978-1-4652-1624-3) was published by Kendall Hunt.


Currently, Dr. Kilroe-Smith is Assistant Professor of Horn at the University of Georgia where she teaches applied horn and world music. She previously taught at the Georgia Gwinnett College where she founded and ran the award winning Excursions Concert Series. At the same institution she was the recipient of the Faculty Service Award and the Top Claw Faculty Award for 2015/ 2016. 


Akiko Iguchi 




"The Stylish One"


Akiko organizes anything to do with fashion.  From photo shoots to video shoots to ensemble shopping, Akiko is the leader.  She has incredible "taste."  She loves listening to music from the Baroque period as well as the French masters like Ravel and jazz music by Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans.  She's recently started exploring old traditional music from Japan. She loves cooking recipes from Japan, SE Asia, and Italy, but is pretty much open to eating anything good from all over the world.


Akiko Iguchi received her Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree in Piano Performance from the University of Washington School of Music in 2010. She previously studied at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where she obtained her bachelor's and master's of Piano Performance degrees. She won the IU Jacobs School of Music Concerto Competition in 2003, and was also a 1st prize winner at the Chicago Area Music Teachers' Association Piano Competition. Dr. Iguchi's solo and chamber music work includes recitals at the Mendelssohn Haus and the Tokyo Opera City Hall, and performances with members of the Berlin Philharmonic, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Modern Orchestra, and others. 



Her collaborative piano experience also includes work with the Georgia Children's Choir, Clarinet Society of America, FLUTISSIMO, James Galway Flute Festival, and Seattle Conservatory of Music String Players, among others. She previously taught secondary piano private lessons for majors while at University of Washington and Indiana University, and is currently director of her private piano studio in Five Points area in Athens Georgia. More information about Dr. Iguchi can be found at: https://www.akikoiguchi.com